Studio Xfinity Fun

A suite of four games and activities to play at the Studio Xfinity retail store. Developed with BumbleBear Games and ESI Design for Comcast.


A game designed to help strengthen multiplication skills in kids ages 7-10, but still be fun and challenging for all ages! Developed with Zearn.


Trade with your friends to create the world! Currently developing with HappyFunCorp.

Interactive web-based activities designed to help practice and test students' skills in common core math standards.

Other Projects

As a part of Heartonomy, I have worked with companies such as THIS IS POP, BumbleBear Games, and HappyFunCorp on various projects.



A two-player game combining shmup and turn-based strategy elements. Out now on iOS. Also, read the postmortem!


An abstract and colorful action-packed puzzler. Out now on iOS.

Yule Pixels

A small animated pixelog made for the holidays. Free on


An unreleased local multiplayer prototype where teams of agile, flying combatants compete for control of magical gems.

Bubble Bound

An unreleased local multiplayer prototype where teams compete for points by capturing monsters in bubbles and popping them.


A prototype multiplayer game made in a 48 hour game jam for the Grasshopper Round Table.